Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday's Fave Five, 3-24-17

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My parents at Andrew's wedding 6/3/16
1. Today my parents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.  That is quite an accomplishment in this era when longevity in marriage is not common.  The celebration is much quieter than originally planned, due to my dad's recent health issues, but it's still a cause for great acclaim.

2. Last Sunday we went to our son and his wife's church in Georgia for a special speaker and then a church dinner.  We really enjoyed seeing our friends there once again, and hearing the speaker, who is the head of the mission group that our son went to China with.  It was a great morning.

 3. Please see the previous post titled "Wear White for William."  (William was our great nephew.)  This cause is not for raising money, or anything of the sort; it's only for raising awareness about meningitis and organ donation.  Word about this is spreading rapidly.   If you would like to help spread awareness about this, please consider wearing white for William on April 5 - and letting people know about it through any form of social media or any other way.
4. Last night I went to sleep at 10:30 and didn't hear another thing until 5:40 the next morning when the alarm went off.  Maybe that sounds odd.  However, it has not happened in quite a few years.  I awakened with a wonderful, rested feeling!

5. Our Gamecocks are headed to the Sweet Sixteen!!  A great accomplishment for a team/school that is not known for its basketball accomplishments!


Faith said...

sounds like a great week and congrats to your parents!!!! my parents would be married 65 years in Dec and although mom is with the Lord now, we still recognize that milestone.

this is the first I have heard of wear white! thanks for sharing. is William someone you know?

have a restful weekend.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Happy anniversary to your parents! It's quite an accomplishment in these days to celebrate your 60th anniversary

Barbara H. said...

Happy anniversary to your parents! How nice to be able to visit your son's church sometimes. I know what you mean about sleep - it's rare for me to sleep straight through any more. I'm so happy that "Wear White for William" is taking off so well.

Gattina said...

60 years ! that's nearly time for the Guiness book of Records ! We are approaching our 50th anniversary (in two years) and it is true in our generation there are not many couples left who are still together !

Wendy said...

Happy anniversary to your parents. That is definitely a great achievement. Sorry to hear about your great nephew. I hope the campaign goes well.

Willow said...

How special it is to still have your parents with you to celebrate 60 years of marriage! Congratulations to them!
I totally get the joy and blessing of sleeping through the night as it seldom happens for me either.

Karen said...

I'm thrilled to get a good night's sleep, too, these days.

Congratulations to your parents! 60 years is wonderful!

I'm sorry for the loss of your nephew. How good of your family to raise awareness. Thank you for sharing this.