Monday, March 27, 2017

Game of Thorns

Being a sucker for political books, when this popped up somewhere, I went straight to eBay and bought it. 

No doubt there will be a lot more books out there about the election, and my advice is to skip this one and wait for one that wasn't rushed out so quickly.  Much of the book is devoted to previous Clinton scandals, which on one hand are old and rehashed many times but on the other hand are germane to the discussion of Hillary's potential election.

At least a dozen glaring spelling and punctuation errors ruined the reading experience for me. And I expected more about the events of election night. The author also tends to toot his own horn throughout. 

However, the book was yet another reminder of how, though Trump has his own glaring flaws, I am so thankful that Hillary was not elected.  How we ended up with two such weak candidates is a huge shame.  However - those were our choices, and at least Trump is not a continuance of the Clinton machine.

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Deb said...

I agree with you on the election, but thanks for the advice. I will wait for a better book about it.