Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday's Fave Five, 4-28-17

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1. Dad is doing a lot better, and he has helped us tremendously at the school by reinforcing some textbooks, new for next fall, with cardboard inserts and tape around the borders and spines.  It was a big project, and the books look great!!  We know Dad is "back" when he starts fixing books again!

2. New garage door openers on the way, work done on the drywall around the new tubs, new stove installed and hood to be installed this afternoon.  Slowly the work is getting done.  We'll have to put the other projects on hold for awhile due to the upcoming wedding.  But that's OK - other than the fact that our kitchen and bathroom walls look like we're living at a camp somewhere.  :-)

3. Well, this might not seem like a good thing, but it could have been so much worse.  Mike has had a partial rotator cuff tear for a long time.  But last Saturday he pulled the string on his weed eater, and that was that.  He couldn't move it and he was in terrible pain for three days.  We found out on Monday that he has a total rotator cuff tear that will require surgery.  At least the excruciating pain appears to be over with, as the injury now is only causing some pain especially at night.  That's good, since he can't get in to see the orthopedic surgeon for another week.

4. I finally got this picture framed.  Twenty years ago we visited Waterton Lakes Park in Alberta, Canada, as part of a 10th anniversary trip.  We stayed in the beautiful Prince of Wales Hotel for one night, which is pictured in the center of this watercolor.  My dear friend Gretchen gave me this little print soon after our trip - she had seen it somewhere and knew I would like it.  It's an unusual size, requiring an odd-sized frame, so getting that done has been one of those things that's been on the to-do list for . . . almost twenty years.  I got it done at Hobby Lobby and picked it up this week.  It is going to be featured somewhere in this house when we get the painting done.

5. Mike is getting supper for us at the Fruit Punch (a nearby sandwich shop) as I write this.  I came home from school very tired and with a nagging headache.  And the hood over the stove was being installed, so of course I couldn't cook.  This is the perfect solution.  :-)


Barbara H. said...

Glad your dad is doing so much better! Sorry about Mike's rotator cuff tear, though. Hope he can have it taken care of soon. What a nice reminder of your trip to Canada. Dinner brought in sounds like the perfect solution to your day.

Faith said...

Praise God that your dad is back to good health. Sorry to hear about your hubby and his shoulder. Love reminders of vacations via pretty wonderful!
I had subs with my daughter last night at a lovely state park as we were on a road trip to get her new pointe shoes and i had a NASTY sinus headache so cooking was NOT gonna happen when I got home after working all day. Isn't it grand to have that option? HOpe your weekend is going well.

Willow said...

What a sweet photo of your dad! I'm so glad he is back in good health and able to do what he loves.
I've heard that shoulder injuries are so painful and we use our arms SO much--I hope Jim is back to health and recovery soon.
Have a great week!