Thursday, March 2, 2017

The End of an Era

The little house in our back yard is no more, at least not for us.

When I think of the little pool house, I remember ML and her friend Alicia spending many hours in there doing all the fun things young girls do when they have a little house like that to play in.  I remember children of all ages running in to change clothes before jumping into the pool.  I remember little boys whose moms told them to "hurry!!!" to get to the restroom in time.  I remember sneaking out there to nap on the couch when just a few minutes of privacy were a desperate need.  I remember most of all long Friday evenings when our teenage children and their friends would watch movies on the little TV out there, free from the parents hanging over their shoulders all the time, but with me bringing food out about every half hour, which was my sneaky way of making sure everything was OK.

The pool is gone.  There was really no more need for the little house.  It might have made a nice "she-shack" for me and all my little projects, but we really wanted it out of the way because it neatly blocked any good view of the back yard.  And with the fence around the pool no longer an issue, we really did want it out of the way.  Moving it into another place on our property, then re-plumbing and re-wiring, would have been quite a job.

So we sold it on Craigslist.  It took the buyer a couple of months to get down here (a several hour ride) to get it.  He and his workers got it onto a trailer, but discovered that it was not stable enough to take it up the highway.  So - they re-sold it to a man at a crane company that they had contacted about stabilizing it.

Those people came this morning.  They knew exactly what they were doing, and had the house strapped down and ready to go in a couple of hours.  And they rolled away.  
So it's goodbye, little house.  The end of an era.

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Barbara H. said...

It's a cute little house - lots of fun memories.