Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday's Fave Five, 3/3/17

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1. Finally appear to be on the mend after a week's worth of bronchitis and head stuff.  "On the mend" does not mean "mended."  It takes a L-O-N-G time to get over this.  But it's a far cry from how I felt last Sunday morning when I went to an urgent care, because Monday was too long to wait.  Now if my husband can just get to feeling better also.  He has a 100 fever, which for him means he is really sick, because he rarely runs a fever.

2. My dad's surgery this week appears to have been successful, and he will probably be getting out of the hospital this weekend.  Now maybe we can get him on the mend as well!!

3. Thankful for a supportive job situation and a boss that said "Stay out all week if you need it."  I did go back today (but probably shouldn't have).

4. Soup and muffins from my mom, a chicken salad sandwich picked up by my daughter, and a breakfast sandwich brought home by Mike - so nice not to have to figure out much food this week.
M&Ms from my sister (inside joke), plus her being here for two weeks to stay with my folks - plus her tag-teaming with my other sister who is here for the weekend.

5. Our little house is gone.  It rode away yesterday in all its glory to a new home.  17 years of memories, but it was time to have it gone!

I am thankful that February is over with and March is here!  Hopefully March will bring better things than February did!


Faith said...

Oh thank God for bosses who let you take time off for being ill.....i cannot STAND it when people go to work sick!! it just keeps spreading the germs that way. I also had to take 3 days off from the school where I teach due to the flu in January...hadn't had it since 1988!! It really wiped me out. I will pray you and hubby are on the mend sooner rather than later!

Good news about your mom, too!

YAY for meals being easy and brought in...a true blessing!

I couldn't get whatever it is you posted about a little house to work on my laptop... a virus warning popped up...i will check it out when I'm on my iPad or phone. :)

Happy weekend!

Willow said...

What did you use the little house for? Guests? Storage?

Great news about your mom!

I hope you are fully recovered now and yes, I agree, having bosses who say just stay home and get well is a blessing. (My daughter had that blessing this week, too).

Barbara H. said...

Glad you're feeling better. A lot of people here have had something that takes weeks to get over. Hope I don't get it. :-) Hope your husband and dad get better as well. It's so nice to have time off and food brought to you when you're sick.

Susanne said...

Glad you're feeling better and hopefully you'll be back in top form soon! Nice that your boss is understanding and gives you time off to recuperate. How lovely that your family sent food. So nice not having to worry about cooking when you're not feeling well.