Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday's Fave Five 3-10-17

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I hesitated on which picture to put at the top of this post.  The week has been beautiful - temps around 70, some rain but a lot of sunshine.  But by Sunday we are to have cold rains and temps no higher than the 40s.  I told someone today that springtime is a great time - it would just be nice if it would follow winter this year.

1. After about ten days of sickness, I am finally at about 85%.  After writing last week's FFF, I was back down for the count for the entire weekend.  No fever, just debilitating cough and the accompanying exhaustion.  It is a slow process, but we are getting there.

2. Dad is a lot better.  He is home from the 2nd hospital stay.  He has a ways to go to get energy back, but he is doing well.

3. Mike has been off.  This week, he took Dad & Mom to an appointment, blew out their garage, cooked breakfast four mornings out of five, did laundry, dusted, and just generally kept up with things around here.  He is a keeper.

4. Hats. For whatever reason, I've gotten crazy about making loom hats.  I especially like doing them now that I've figured out how to make a nice brim with a purl stitch along with a regular knitted stitch (see red hat at left and hat in the single picture).  Mike asks what all these hats are for - I don't know but know that the reason will be clear at the right time.  For now, it's just fun to make hats.

5. These little goodies.  I am notorious for throwing out wildflower seed every spring and then doing absolutely nothing to nurture anything.  And usually nothing happens.  However, an entire bed is filling up right now with these little beauties, which must be left over from a previous year of seed-throwing.  They'll be doing well to survive our cold weather this weekend.  But it's kinda fun to see something happen after all those years of just tossing seed out.


Barbara H. said...

There is something going around here which they say takes weeks to get over. I hope it passes us by! Glad you're feeling some better and hope you continue to. Glad your dad is doing better as well. I don't know how big the hats are, but when Timothy was in the NICU they had lots of preemie knit made and hats donated by volunteers. Or maybe you could put them in a fundraising sale or auction for your school. I like the different stitching around the rim like the red one has.

Faith said...

Oh dear......I am coughing too as is my is hard to shake is t it?

March weather is very strange here in NY this year. Last week we had temps in low 70s and tonight it is supposed to be -15 in the mountains near us!! and snow might come again next week. I am ready for spring flowers and lighter jackets!

those hats are just adorable!!

thankmyou for the nice compliment about working with special needs preschoolers. my specialty seems to be emotionally disturbed children.....i do find it rewarding but exhausting at this age!!! But I know i could never work with the multilply handicapped population or adults...l think God gifts us special educators in such various ways!! i love meeting teachers and hearing stories and sharing ideas!!

happy weekend!

Wendy said...

Lots of nasty bugs around. I hope you're soon back to 100%. I'm sure you will find somewhere that needs the hats. Good to be productive.

Willow said...

We had 'that thing' in December and January. The good news is that it finally goes away...
Wow! You have California poppies blooming!! Are you sure you're not really here in CA?
I'm glad your dad is doing better.

Susanne said...

My goodness that sickness has been hanging on. Hopefully it will be fully gone soon! What a blessing your hubby has been while you have not been feeling well. I love California poppies, they always make me think of my grandma.