Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Insanity of God - a Book Review

This is the story of a missionary to one of the most dangerous places on earth - Somalia - who is plunged into the depths of despair, and wonders if ministry in places such as that is even worth it.

Nik and his wife Ruth attempted to work with Somali Christians to provide material relief and spiritual encouragement.  Most of the Christians they knew died when their faith was found out.  The Ripkens could not live in Somalia - too dangerous - but they lived in nearby Kenya and Nik made trips in and out as Ruth manned the supply lines from Nairobi.  Life in Somalia was brutal.  Little food or medical care existed anywhere in the country.  Rival war lords each ruled their own turf.  The country was in anarchy, but the Ripkens did what they could.   Then tragedy struck them personally.

The first half of the book includes the above narrative.  The second half is filled with stories from where Nik traveled the world -- Russia, Ukraine, China, and more -- and interviewed Christians who have undergone great persecution.  He discovered from their stories that persecution is what purifies the church.  The people who had undergone the most were the ones who had the greatest glory in their salvation.  All of this provided healing for the tragedy they had undergone.

Nik struck me as being a big of a missionary renegade, but also one who was truly searching for the meaning of persecution and troubles for Christians.  It was a good read and worth it for one who is pondering the meaning of persecution for those who are saved.

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Barbara Harper said...

There are some places in the world where I can't imagine ministering - yet they're the ones probably most like Christianity in NT Times. Thanks for the recommendation!