Monday, August 4, 2008


Last week of summer - Day 1. Makes me sad even though it has been a very relaxing summer for me. Today I took care of some ripe peaches - made them into peach muffins. They were a favorite of Andrew's when he was a child . . . because they didn't have "humps."

First you blend the peaches - skins
and all.

Then you make the muffins using a Peach Bread recipe from the Rassi Cookbook which calls for two cups of peach puree. They might not be real dramatic to look at, but they are delicious. They're flavored with cinnamon as well.

My family likes these so much that I put up several freezer bags of peach puree each summer so that we can have peach muffins several times during the winter as well.

And there's fresh peach jam behind the muffins as well - made last week. It's been wonderful to have peaches this year. Last year there were none, and we missed them.


Bet said...

Yummy-looking muffins! I want to try those, but I have no idea what the Rassi cookbook is! Do tell.

I still want to make some peach jam too. Why is the summer coming to a close too fast? Wahhh.

Anonymous said...

MMMM....Looks so good!! Maybe you should publish the muffin recipe??