Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Morning Misc.

Kinda pitiful not to get a single post in from Monday to Monday but that's the way some weeks are.

--Very thankful for steroid inhalers. Could feel something filling up again inside my bronchial system and was having a harder and harder time not being conscious of breathing last week. Finally went back to the doctor for a chest X-ray, which showed that though there was no new pneumonia, the remains of the old stuff are still "resolving." The inhaler he gave me (also very thankful for free samples!) seems to be helping.

-- I'm rarely in the doctor's office in the early afternoon, so was surprised by the number of drug reps who marched through there, taking up the staff's time, while I, the paying patient had to wait. So in a way I earned that inhaler!

--Also thankful my daughter got back from a spring break trip to Charleston OK.

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