Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday's Fave Five - December 7, 2012

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1. Today is my husband's birthday.  And HE cooked breakfast for ME.  What is wrong with this picture?!!  (or right, depending on one's perspective. . .)

2. ML is, as far as we know, safely in Guatemala and I hope having a wonderful trip that will mean much to her in years to come.

3. My folks kindly took her to the airport on Tuesday morning, very early, which helped me a lot since I had to work that morning.

4. An extension of ML's and my favorite thrift store has opened just two blocks from school.  It's run by  a Mennonite group and is always nice to browse in because everything is so clean and neat.  I hope the new one is as good as the one several miles from here.

5. Andrew was home until Wednesday again this week, and again was a big help, both at home and in volunteering here at school.


Barbara H. said...

Happy birthday to your hubby! How nice of him to make breakfast for you both!

Hope ML's trip goes well.

The thrift store sounds nice.

Glad your folks and son were able to assist in in various ways.

Susan said...

Shopping in thrift stores is satisfying on so many levels. Glad to hear that one is so close.

When does ML get home? It will be cool to hear her stories and see the impact this trip had (and continues to have) on her.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Susanne said...

Happy birthday to your hubby. How nice of him to cook breakfast!

A trip to Guatemala sounds like quite the adventure!