Friday, December 7, 2012

Thoughts of Christmas

Written by Mike on his birthday (today):
    Ahh Christmas – the day/season of the year that evokes so many responses from us.

    We get fretful and anxious, stressed out and tired, disappointed and depressed. We look forward to it and are glad when it is over.

   Yet, we enjoy it as we see friends and family that we miss all through the year. Our spirits are lifted by the lights, the decorations, and the smell of evergreen trees. Childhood memories of the excitement brought on by Christmas meals and opening gifts swirl through our minds when we witness a scene that prompts such thoughts. We watch George C. Scott on TV and are reminded of the deeper meanings of life that are neglected through the rest of the year. 

    But why Christmas? Why does all of this not happen on Memorial Day or July 4th?

   I believe it is because deep down inside us, we know there is more meaning to it than what our physical senses perceive. We know that what Christmas has become is a colorful façade, strategically hiding its true significance. Because of how we were raised we know the Christmas story. We heard it many times.

   And yes, we can enjoy certain moments during the season of Christmas. But we can also know the richness of its meaning if we will take time to look beyond the bows and tinsel. If we contemplate a manger scene in someone’s yard and realize the wonder of its purpose; if we seek out someone who is hurting and provide them with love and hope. If we think outside the box of self and live out our intended purpose in the lives of others; if we share the load of difficulties carried by ones who bear a greater burden than we ………………. I believe that we will be able to look back on this Christmas when it’s over and realize we have grown because of it, and anticipate the next one with a new hope and a new vision.

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