Friday, June 8, 2018

Friday's Fave Five, 6-8-18

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1. Forgot this last week.  Mike was able to select a retirement gift from his job - he had about 20 choices.  We very much needed the knives, and they came in a set with something I've wanted for years--a Kitchen Aid mixer!  I have not used it yet, but will soon.  I feel kinda bad, his choosing a retirement gift that was something I want - but don't feel so bad as not to use it.  :-)

2. And this is a clean porch.  We have a lot of trouble every spring with pine pollen, which blows in through the screens for several weeks, and has been so bad the past few years that we can't even use the porch much in the spring.  Today we took all the furniture outside, hosed it and the cushions off, and swept and hosed down the porch floor.  We will really enjoy it now that it is cleaned out.

3. I had lost a set of sheets - my favorite ones.  They are dark red and are very comfortable, but I could not find them anywhere.  (Confession:  I blamed one of my kids, thinking the sheets had maybe "walked out the door" without my knowledge.) :-)  Well, during an extensive clean-out of the linen closet, I discovered them at the back of a shelf, not the one that sheets are kept on.  I just now put them on the bed for the first time in several years.  Nice to have found them.

4. Baseball--baseball--baseball.  We love college baseball, and this is the weekend of the Super Regionals.  This weekend, and for the next couple of weeks of the College World Series, we will have the opportunity to get a glut of it.  

5. I love to watch and photograph birds, and got this shot this week.  An indigo bunting against the leaves.  It takes about a hundred bad shots to get a good one, but it is very nice to get that nice one once in awhile.


Faith said...

That's a great shot of the bird!!

Yay for getting the porch cleaned and for finding the,when that happens!

Happy retirement to your husband!!!

Wendy said...

Wow lovely shot of the bird. My hubby also got a set of knives when he left his full time post to go part time. It was what he wanted as he enjoys cooking. I hate it when things "disappear" at home. Drives me nuts and I just have to keep looking. Although it doesn't help when I'm the one doing the walking out of the house - left my umbrella and a fold up shopping bag at my daughter's house on Tuesday but I seached my house top to bottom thinking they had to be at home somewhere! lol
Your porch looks lovely. I hope you can make good use of it now the pollen has gone. Enjoy the weekend.

Karen said...

I'm sure your husband will reap the benefits of those retirement gifts with your cooking!

So nice to have a "new" set of sheets. I've found things in my closets that I was sure I had given away at some point, and it's always nice when I rediscover them.

Your porch looks so inviting! And that picture of the bird is gorgeous.

Barbara H. said...

That's a nice retirement gift! Your porch looks so nice. I'm glad you found your sheets. That's a great bird picture!

Susanne said...

What a gorgeous porch you have. I love the screen in idea. The pine pollen has been horrible here this year. You can see it wafting in clouds of yellow. Funny about your sheets. I don't know how many times I've blamed my kids for stuff I can't find only to have it turn up somewhere odd a long time later. Nice retirement gift, one I'm sure your hubby will enjoy in the form of yummy eats that are produced from it.

Willow said...

That's a GREAT photo of the bird.
I am at this very moment wearing a five year anniversary gift from my husband's work--a watch which he chose for me. Our guys often choose a gift that we want because it pleases them to share. The knives and mixer are good choices. Maybe he will take over all the cooking :)